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Super8 scanner services for the UK and Ireland. Full HD digital restoration of home movie film reels onto DVD and Blu-ray.

Warning? Here is a few reasons why:

Unfortunately, we have had many imitators over the years, flattering yes,  but not doing work to our high standards. We are genuinely reluctant to criticize 'competitors' as this can seem very unprofessional, however our experience over the years has persuaded us that it is only right and proper to make customers aware of the shortcomings of some other operators. Your family films which you entrust are priceless and irreplaceable. Before you send your films off to what is quite possibly someone's back bedroom or garage side line at least carry out some basic checks. For example:

  1. Do they have a UK land line contact number? Avoid 0845 or mobile numbers as these are not geographical and may not even be in the UK. (we can be contacted directly on 0141 556 5358 or free-phone on five lines 24/7 on 08000 141666)
  2. Are they a virtual company, based in a house or in a shop? You can check this quite easily by using Google maps street view, take a look using the postcode and it is shocking how many "companies" are actually flats and houses that could be someone in a untraceable rented bed sit. This is very important, as you probably know the internet is full of websites offering goods and services, some of which are misleading, some unreliable and some just plain fake. We are not just a virtual website but a UK based 'bricks and mortar' premises based in the high street. We welcome customers to call into our retail drop of shops at 15-23 Tollcross Road, or you get us to come to you and collect your films instead!
  3. Don't take customers testimonials at face value. Most of the ones we have seen online are almost all so gushy and praising they appear to be fake. We only display genuine hand written thank you cards and letters received from our customers as our testimonials. All of which are on display in our reception with permission from the senders to corroborate their recommendations.
  4. What process are they using to transfer your films. Everybody is doing it these days. In our opinion they cant all have bought HD scanning systems costing tens of thousands of pounds a piece for each and every film format. The only obvious conclusion is they are simply projecting your films with an old projector and filming it with a camcorder. Rest assured, we have been transferring films since the 1980's and where one of the first to buy online domain names in 1999 meaning we bough all the good descriptive domain names for media transfer including 16mmtodvd.com, cinetodvd.com, cinetodvd.co.uk, videotodvd.co.uk, vhstodvd.co.uk, hi8todvd.co.uk, minidvtodvd.co.uk, svhs.co.uk, polavision.co.uk, 8mm,co.uk, 16mm.co.uk, etc  Accordingly the volume of film we receive allows us to invest in the latest digital scanning systems using no heat LED backlighting and safe sprocket free film transfer mechanisms to safeguard your films from damage. Think about it, if a web name is a long winded with number "2" instead of "to" or lots of hyphens then it usually means these are newcomers to the field and are often best avoided as you will may well be left disappointed. 
  5. I could go on and on, but wont. 

you have been warned! Get an example to be sure!


Calll us free in the UK for advice and a quote. We convert any film type in a digital frame by frame process.



8-mm.net for Digital Cine Film Transfers to DVD, \DVD-ROM, Blu-ray, AVI, QuickTime, CD, CD-ROM etc.

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