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Film Cleaning & Preservation for 8mm & 16mm Film

If your films have been stored in a cool, dry place like the attic in a box or old biscuit tin then they will most likely not need much cleaning. However, often films are stored in damp basements or even worse outdoors in a garden shed which can lead to the film becoming warped and unstable. .  

Either way, don't worry we know exactly how to care for your film and to get the best possible image from them. 95% of films we receive only need a light dusting with a blast of air to remove dust and lint from the surface of your films. We never alter your original films in any way as this can actually damage fragile cine films. If films have been exposed to damp we have special moisture absorbing facilities to allow your films to be dried out before being scanned, again without actually altering or touching your actual films. 

Beware of any service offering to chemically clean your films, you might loose what was on them for good if they are inappropriately "lubricated" or "waxed" Also as we digitally scan your films only air puffers needed prior to the scan. If someone offers to "lubricate" your films then they must be intending to project your films on a normal cine projector and film it with a camera, avoid this at all cost as the hot projection lamp can harm or even burn your films.

The cost of film cleaning by air jets is included free of charge with every transfer we do. We don't see this as an optional extra to add cost on .

Avoid Chemicals!

Air is better!

Calll us free in the UK for advice and a quote. We convert any film type in a digital frame by frame process.



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