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Cine Film Colour Correction 

This example has lost its red dyes, leaving only blue and greens.

Most cine film formats are in fact a combination of three separate primary colours made from three separate chemical film emulations that are bonded to a clear cellulose or plastic film base. 

Over time, these three chemicals can break down at different rates meaning the original colour of the film can shift dramatically. For example above left, the red dye has faded away leaving mostly the blue and green colours behind. By digitally adding back the red element on the right a more natural colour is obtained. 

Different reels of film do this at different rates towards any one or all three primary colours. We assess every reel of film on its own and apply colour correction on a reel by reel basis. This is included free on all our transfers, we don't see this as an option extra!

We check all three primary colours agains our own benchmarks.
Colours Checked

A full colour maps means whites are white, not tinted.
Full Colour Map

"Redout" is when the blue and green dyes fade leaving only the red dyes. Hence its name "Redout"
"Redout" Example

We only use pro studio grade software to restore your films. Nothing less is aceptable.
"Adobe Software" Example

Calll us free in the UK for advice and a quote. We convert any film type in a digital frame by frame process.



 Digital Cine colour correction and restoration

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